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5 Things That Made Sanara Special in 2023

Our Year in Review

1. Sanara had a birthday and turned 5! This was a HUGE milestone and we are so proud and happy! Thank you for celebrating with us!

2. We have the BEST 25 yoga, wellness, and fitness teachers in the WORLD! I love them each dearly and I know you do too! A successful team beats with one heart. If you would like to learn more about our teachers - please visit our Teacher Webpage

1. Alexandra (Vinyassa Flow Heated and non)

2. Barb (Heated Vinyasa Flow)

3. Billie (Sculpt & Strength Training)

4. Brandon (Heated Sequence)

5. Cecilia (Hatha & Vinyasa)

6. Claire (Heated Sequence)

7. Debbie (Yin & Teacher Training)

8. Georgeanne (Tai Chi)

9. Jaime (Somatic Soul)

10. Janie (Mat Pilates & Heated Sequence)

11. Julie (Adaptive Yoga)

12. Kim Cole (Sculpt)

13. Kim Goad (Yin/Nidra, Hatha, Teacher Training & The Sanara Newsletter)

14. Laura (Hatha & Teacher Training)

15. LeAnne (Vinyasa Flow & Sound Healing)

16. Marianna (Yin/Nidra & Sound Healing)

17. Mary (Vinyasa Flow)

18. Molly (Heated Sequence)

19. Sami (Heated Sequence)

20. Sandra (Hatha)

21. Staci (Sound Healing & Kids yoga)

22. Steph (Heated Vinyasa Flow)

23. Stephanie (Hatha/Stretching/Yin&Restorative)

24. Sunni (Heated Vinyasa Flow)

25. Susan (Hatha & Vinyasa Flow)

3. We have an AMAZING social media team of one! Cindy Carbone. She has been with us since we opened and we are so grateful for her! She is our eyes and ears and never misses a thing!

4. We have the most loyal, kind, loving, community that has supported and held us every day since we opened our doors in Southlake October 6, 2018. WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for growing with us!

5. Our physical space is incredibly special. When you walk in the front door, you can feel the immediate peace. It is a sanctuary right in the middle of our wonderful city. For grounding, connecting, and healing… this space has provided all of that and so much more. 

I am grateful for the lessons and experiences of 2023, but I am looking forward to 2024. I know that it will be a good year!

I wish you all peace, love, and a connected relationship with yourself and your purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is yet… I encourage you to begin the adventure and let your heart be your guide. One day at a time following the next thing that feels right. 

Much love,


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