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Sound Bath with Staci

Staci Hill is a 500 RYT, specializing in sound baths.


She uses gongs, singing bowls, drums, flutes, and other beautiful instruments to produce vibrations that help detox the body. Sound therapy aligns your body and helps quiet your mind, which allows your body to release emotional blockages that have been buried for days, months, or even years and helps you get your inner Zen back.


Staci offers sound classes at Sanara on Wednesdays at noon for 40 min sound meditation class ($25), as well as a one hour Sound Meditation at least once per month at 7pm ($30). Pricing is for members and non-members alike. 


Staci also offers private group sessions, such a parties or girls' nights out, and private one on one sessions. 

Contact Staci to customize your session/event or if you have questions about her Sound Bath Meditation classes and workshops at Sanara studio. 


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