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Is my first class free?

We ask that you pay our drop-in class price of $25. As a small business, this is helpful to us.

If it’s my first class, how do I register, or book my class?

Go to our pricing page then select “one class pass”.  Next, go to our classes page and register for the class of your choice.


I have joined Sanara (have a paid class package), what is the best way to register for my classes?

You can register on our website, or download our app, Fit by Wix and register with the app. Use code 0Z0AZ1 (those are zeros!) to connect with Sanara. 


How do I know what the classes are? I don’t recognize all the names.

Select the Classes/Workshop page for a description of all our classes.


What is a good choice for a yoga beginner? Will I feel out of place?

A hatha class, yin class, or our Zen and Sound classes are a great place to start.  Our hatha classes are slower paced, often with more detailed instruction offered, yin is great for stretching the body, and Sound and Zen classes are a nice, slower paced class.  That said, you are welcome to jump in anywhere! Our teachers will take care of you. We are an inclusive studio, and you will be welcomed with open arms by our teachers and our current students. Every one of us were new at one time. We welcome you.


Do I need to bring my own mat? What about other equipment?

At Sanara, we have mats for you to borrow and towels and spray to clean them when you finish your practice. We have blocks, bolsters, blankets, towels, straps, and hand weights for our strength classes. We sell water bottles for $1, and a water cooler to refill your personal water bottle.


Can I put my membership on hold?

We do not place memberships on hold. If you need to cancel your membership - when you come back it will be at the current studio member​ship price. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email: to cancel your membership.


Do you have showers?

We do not. We have a single room bathroom, and a second bathroom with multiple stalls for changing clothes if you’d like.

I’ve never taken yoga before, is there a certain etiquette to follow?

Yes, we ask that you take your shoes off when you reach our cubbies in each yoga room. You are welcome to wear your shoes (or not!) in our strength classes. We clean the floors daily for our yogis.


Can I arrive late or leave early?

Arriving on time is important so that students can center and begin class with a quiet mind. We understand traffic happens, but we generally lock our doors at about 5 minutes after a class starts. Please try to be early! Please let your teacher know if you need to leave early. The teacher will put away your equipment so there is less disruption for the other students.

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