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200 YTT

Our lead trainers, Debbie, Allison, Laura, Kim are a well oiled team working seamlessly to elevate you toward being a yoga teacher, or a person growing in their own practice. Expect to laugh, grow, stretch, and maybe get a little uncomfortable as your grow. We are here to support you. 

200 YTT Fall 2023 Schedule: 


Saturday's 1-5:30pm

Sunday's 1-5:30pm

One weekend per month 

September 9, 10 (Techniques, Training & Practice)

October 14, 15 (Anatomy of the Foot/Ankle, Bandha's/Chakras/Kosha's/Sutras)

November 11, 12 (Pelvic Floor/Pranayama/Sequencing/Pre-Natal)

December 9, 10 (Trunk/Partner Work/Ethics/Samskaras)

January 13, 14 (Spine/Seva/Mudras/Partner Sequencing)

February 10, 11 (Connective Tissues & Muscles/Yin/Meridians/Yoga Nidra)

March 2, 3 (Forearm, Wrist, Hand & Shoulder/The Gunas/Kundalini/Arm Balances & Inversions)

April 13, 1 (Creating a Safe Yoga Space/Trauma Yoga/Restorative/The Nervous System)

May 4, 5 (Business of Yoga/Heated Sequence/Ayurveda)

Missed modules may be made up in Future Teacher Training 

$3,000 paid in full by Tuesday, August 29th  (save $500)

Full Price $3500 (Paid in Full by May 1st, 2024)

Only 6 spaces

Reserve Now!

Contact us for more information

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