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The Ganapati Myth

In myth you are every character in the story, all of the characters are you. They are a way to access more of yourself and reflect on how you are showing up for yourself, and the world. Ganapati is born out of Shakti’s love. Parvati was lonely because Shiva was away hanging out on the mountain meditating and being Shiva. Shakti/Parvati forms Ganesh out of the oils from her skin, perfume, and her laughter. Shakti fashions him out of herself to experience love. We are all born from this love. Embodiment is the opportunity to mold form into love, joy into manifestation, and joy and love into relationship.

Parvati is napping and Ganesh is guarding the door. Shiva returns from his mountain retreat and wants to enter but Ganesh says no. After some turmoil, Shiva cuts off Ganesha’s head. Parvati wakes and starts yelling at Shiva, how could he not recognize their son. Shiva is in trouble and sends the Uncles into the forest in search of a head for his boy. The elephant bows and offers his. This is how Ganesh gains his elephant head.

Ganapati is often referred to as the remover of obstacles, he is, in his own right, an obstacle, and so he also offers the perspective that at times, obstacles are put in our way to show us who we are, and to reframe our experience.

Life will twist and turn and we will churn the ocean of consciousness. Ganapati sits in the threshold between here and there, now and then, this and that. Our lives twist and turn, our bodies do the same, Ganapati’s trunk always turns towards the sweetness. How do we twist towards the sweetness without bypassing our truth? He is often depicted with his trunk nestled in a plate of sweets. An elephant's trunk can uproot a tree and also pick the seeds out of a pomegranate, it is both powerful and dexterous.

My prayer is for all of us to turn our trunks towards the sweetness while showing up from a place of love connected to who we are.

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