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Shhhh. Take a deep breath. Do you hear that? That silence you are creating in this moment is the place in which you are able to connect to your intentions. Let’s back up first though.

We all hold intentions through our lives. A simple example: You are feeling ravenously hungry, so you decide to make yourself a satisfying meal. In that moment, your intention behind making yourself some food is something along the lines of taking care of your body and feeding it to bring your hunger back into balance.

Intention plays a significant part in our yoga and meditation practice. We are all SO unique.

Naturally, our intentions for rolling out our mats and meeting ourselves in practice is unique as well. The beauty behind intentions is the fact that they can change at any time! By the minute, day, week, month, and so on.

Take a moment to reflect on what it was that first brought you to your yoga practice. What was your first intention you held in your heart as it relates to your practice? Are your current intentions similar? Maybe they have changed a great deal since then? There is no right or wrong answer!

I don’t know about you, but, I adore any opportunity to celebrate positivity and love! Soooo..For the WHOLE MONTH of September, here at SANARA, we will have


What is “MY YOGA WHY”? I am glad you asked! :)

Beginning September 2nd, everyone who comes into the studio for class will have an opportunity to post an intention for their practice that will last through the last day of the month! This “intention” can be ANYTHING you would like it to be. A single word, something you are grateful for, a memory, your personal “why” behind what is bringing you to the studio in Sept, you get the picture! The sky is the limit! The only thing we ask is that it is based out of love for yourself, because you are definitely worthy of that.

In writing these intentions, we get to come together as a beautiful community celebrating and reflecting on the love and gratitude we hold for ourselves and each other. There will be “My Yoga Why” slips at the front desk.

Starting September 2nd, you can fill out your slip with your “intention” choosing either to write your name on them, or keeping them anonymous. You can then stick them up behind the front desk. All month long, your intention will be there for you to reflect upon each time you come to the studio to practice! Once we reach the end of September, you will be able to take your intention down if you would like and reflect on how much you have grown through the month.

If choosing to include your name on your slip, please know, we may share it on our social media pages.

We are so excited for this! I personally, will have MY “My Yoga Why” posted on the wall. You can bet I will be looking at it each time I come I to teach my classes, grounding back down to intention and love.

Personally, intention has been one of the most transformative aspects in my meditation and yoga practice, as well as my life! It is something that grounds us in our truth. A point of check in when feelings and life begin to get rocky.

In participating in “MY YOGA WHY” I sincerely hope you are given the opportunity to connect to your truth and see the growth and transformation that is ahead for ALL of us!

-Marina xoxo

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