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Beginning a New Year

A new year has begun, bringing with it a new wave of resolutions, intentions and transitions.

Although the New Year is traditionally a time for looking toward the future, it is also important to take time to remember all of our personal growth during this past year in order to step fully forward into the New Year. Consider your many accomplishments and all that you did well this New Year. Celebrate these moments!

Now… are you ready to make changes in 2022? I don’t know about you but I love the idea of choosing a Word of the Year because it helps bring focus and clarity to what we want to create in our lives. My word of the year in 2021 was abide. It means to “remain stable or fixed in a state a love”.

Struggling to pick a word? No worries, I’m here to help you!

Besides, this isn’t about crossing another goal off your list, it’s about creating a mantra to help guide your daily actions and become a better version of yourself.

Step 1: Reflect

The first thing I want you to do is to reflect on this past year and ask yourself these questions. Jot down whatever pops into your head without self-editing.

What could I use more of in my life?

What could I use less of in my life?

What characteristics would I like to have?

By the end of the day, I feel (fill in the blank).

How do I want to feel?

Once you review your responses you’ll have a better sense of the direction you’d like to go, or what you feel may be lacking in your life.

Step 2: Visualize

Visualize what the perfect day would feel like, the emphasis here is “Feel”. Think about how you want your morning routine to feel, how you want to feel at work or throughout the day, and how you want to feel right before you go to bed.

I also recommend meditating or sitting in silence for a couple of minutes and asking yourself “What word do I want to focus on in 2022?”. This is simple but effective.

I think this exercise works best when you’re in a relaxed state. If you’re having trouble maybe try it before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning. You could also turn on an aromatherapy diffuser, light a candle, or put some calming music on in the background. You’d be amazed how being still can help your intuition shine through, and bring your word to the forefront of your mind.

Step 3: Create a List

Spend 10 minutes creating a list of the words that come to mind, no self-editing! Need some help? Here are some examples:

Abundance, Forgive, Humility, Mindful, Vitality, Balance, Discipline, Grow, Breathe, Learn, Passion, Joy, Health, Action, Brave, Serenity, Capable, Pause, Grace, Fearless, Dream.

Step 4: Review & Refine

Review your list and narrow down your favorites. I’d circle or highlight 3 words.

Chances are you’ll see a theme going on between the words you wrote down. Do any of the words jump out at you, make you feel excited, nervous, scared, uncomfortable, or at ease? Sometimes the words that scare us most can mean we’re on the right track because change isn’t always easy. At the same time, I think finding your word can also bring peace and empowerment.

Think about the words, try them on, and see what feels right. No need to over-analyze this process, trust your gut instead. Gently review your list and let the words pick you.

Step 5: Ask Yourself this VERY important question

Now that you narrowed down your list to three words, there’s just one more question to ask:

Are you interested or are you committed?

If you’re merely “interested” then chances are you’ll make excuses as to why you’re not putting forth the effort to actually make changes. But if you’re “Committed” to your word, you’ll do whatever it takes to implement that word and bring more of it into your life.

If necessary, allow yourself a day or two, to really think about this.

What’s your 2022 Word of the Year?

Which word can you say you’re 100% committed to? Choose that one!

My word of the year for 2022 is connection. The more connected I am with myself… the more connected I feel to everything and everyone else around me. When I am connected - I feel present.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Love, Allison & Your Sanara Family

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