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A Season of Faith

I have lived the past couple of months in that strange place of the unknown. Our lease was up on this space here at Sanara, the past couple of years have been an uphill battle with the pandemic, and I wasn’t sure how everything would unfold and move forward. I spent time on long walks, in deep meditation and talking with my greatest and dearest advisor while on my knees. I knew this unfolding wasn’t mine to control or figure out and I had faith that whatever was supposed to happen with the studio would happen if I kept putting one foot in front of the other and I kept doing the next thing that felt right. From day one, this space has been a sanctuary for me. A place of peace and refuge. I am so grateful that it has become that place for so many others as well. That was my hope and my intention.

I am so thrilled to announce that we have signed on for another three years in this space, we have added hot flow yoga to the schedule as well as our very own heated Sanara sequence class. We have nearly 40 classes a week and 24 of the most incredible soul-giving humans I have ever known as teachers. Our community keeps building and getting stronger every day. One thing I know for sure is, foundation is everything. The Sanara foundation was built on collective love, passion, and faith and you can feel it the minute you walk through the door.

As we enter this holiday season, remember to sit quietly, and hold space for yourself and for those around you. Stand firm and strong in your foundation knowing that you are bigger than anything that comes your way. Your river is strong, let it flow freely and believe in the magic of letting go and trusting in the possibilities of the unknown.

Much love and adoration,


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