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Yoga Teacher Training

A Note from Allie…

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

200 Yoga Teacher Training Starts in September!!!

New Schedule!

Our lead trainers, Debbie, Allison, Laura, Kim are a well oiled team working seamlessly to elevate you toward being a yoga teacher, or a person growing in their own practice. Expect to laugh, grow, stretch, and maybe get a little uncomfortable as the learning unfolds. We are here to support you! It will be one of the BEST decisions you ever make. It’s time to connect in and take that leap.

200 YTT Fall 2023 Schedule:

Saturday's 1-5:30pm

Sunday's 1-5:30pm

One weekend per month:

September 9, 10

October 14, 15

November 11, 12

December 9, 10

January 13, 14

February 10, 11

March 2, 3

April 13, 14

May 4, 5

Missed modules may be made up if necessary.

$3,000 paid in full by Tuesday, August 29th (save $500)

Full Price $3500 (Paid in Full by January 1st, 2024)

Only 6 spaces

Reserve Now!

For more information: please call Allison at 415-717-0515

Below are 6 key benefits of yoga teacher training:

*Yoga Teacher Training Is A Path To Personal Growth

*Yoga Teacher Training Allows You To take Your Yoga Practice to The Next Level

*It Enables You To Meet New People and Join a Community of Like-Minded Friends

*It Helps You Develop Your Skills

*It Improves Physical Flexibility

*Teaching yoga is personally rewarding and fulfilling

Teacher Training Testimonials:

“Before teacher training, I didn't put that much effort into caring for myself and putting my mental health before everything and everyone else in my life. I always took on so much that it took a toll on me emotionally. I didn't give myself a break to relax and take time for myself. Teacher training helped me understand that I am a better mom, friend, and partner when I make sure I am balanced and connected to myself.” Allison

“16 years ago yoga teacher training changed my life for the better. I learned about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and that all of those qualities were welcome and embraced as a yoga teacher. Teacher training opened up a world of authenticity I never knew existed and widened my view of what's possible.” Debbie

“I am so thankful I had the opportunity to complete my teacher training with Sanara. The training came at a time in my life when I was looking to deepen my practice, grow as a person, and focus on overall health and wellness. Whether you choose to teach or not, the teacher training journey is well worth the personal and financial investment.” Kim

“I LOVED my teacher training at Sanara. I learned so much about my yoga practice and myself and made some new friends along the way. I'm so thankful for Allison, Debbie and Sanara Yoga and Wellness. Taking that course literally changed my life and my career.” Stephanie

There are numerous benefits of yoga teacher training, each of which will help to improve your personal well-being and prepare you for a more connected and fulfilled life.

We hope you will join us THIS September!

Much love,


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