I enjoyed Sanara with every sense of my being. A 40-minute coaching session with an exercise, followed by yoga with the sound therapy, ending with the meditation and south therapy. Amazing!!! I feel like my spirit is 100 times brighter. I feel aligned and balanced. This is feeding the light within. Thank you.

~ Holly

I am new to the world of yoga and meditation and I must say that Sanara knocks it out of the park! This was the most amazing experience that I have had. This is an amazing experience and one that all of us need to focus on!

~ Sonia K.

Sanara has been my first experience with meditation and gong, so I was a bit nervous going into it and came out loving it! The teachers were wonderful, the environment peaceful and thought-provoking as well as wonderfully relaxing. I would highly recommend everyone give it a try!


I can remember my first session that I attended. They had everything set up nice & easy to allow a warm welcome. Each instructor made it easy for me to experience Sanara with their unique combination of meditation, yoga & the sounds of Tibetan bowls. I felt the passion, love, compassion, & peace that they put into our session. To have the opportunity to experience all three in one session is simply amazing! Everything flowed & I definitely felt more aligned/balanced afterwards. I left with a sense of peace & more awareness. Thank you all!!!

~ Nick

My first event was Tibetan bowls with yoga and meditation. When we arrived, the room was beautifully arranged with everyone’s mats already placed around the room with a provided blanket and bolster. The room smelled wonderfully and candles flickered. The reverberation of the sounds were everything from relaxing to energizing to rejeuvenating. Such a complete pleasure. Thank you Sanara Wellness for bringing this to Southlake. Namasté.


I loved my session and the instructors are awesome. I love bringing the whole together for a longer session. Sometimes yoga can be too short. I love the longer classes and the sounds are magical.


I love what you all have put together and am thrilled we will have something this amazing in our own town. Thank you, thank you!!!!

~ Dana R.

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