Sanara Six

The Sanara Six are the fundamentals of the Sanara Yoga and Wellness Center. Each month, our classes will focus inward on one of these core practices to explore what it means, how we can incorporate the practice into our wellness journey, and what we can do to live these truths in our everyday actions.



Synchronicity is about balance. Synchronistic moments feel like grace, as they induce in us the feeling that we are right where we are supposed to be. Be open to opportunity. It is a continuous process that begins with understanding we are responsible for the choices we make. In doing so, we are empowered.


Active Listening

Find your voice in the art of listening. When we listen thoughtfully, actively, with all the senses, we open ourselves to greater opportunities. To listen in quietness is an act of faith, where we accept there is value not only in what we hear, but in the listening itself.



Mindfulness is an elevated state of self-awareness, where we can observe ourselves, our environment and others without judgment. It is the ability to describe the moment and participate with discernment, where our preconceived thoughts give way to an intelligent self-awareness that brings attention to the senses and experiences occurring in the present moment.



Self-reflection is introspection, or turning the focus of your attention inward and engaging in an attitude of curiosity about what makes you tick. Know your history. Understand your needs, motivations and emotions. Become more aware of choices and outcomes to gain more insight from past experiences. With awareness, we achieve an innate well-being in and of our own simple nature.


Respect with Trust

Quality relationships require understanding and acknowledging that the presence of trust results in positive experiences. Learning to trust life is not part of our heritage. When we listen to life, we learn what to do with life. Whether you’re starting a family or a company, or you’re helping to grow one, developing a culture of respect and trust should be a priority. When our mind does not get lost in its own anxiety, this is a presence of trust.



Detachment allows one to live in the moment and experience true freedom from external influences. Through acceptance of what is, coupled with a deliberate use of our will, we can change what is into something more acceptable. 

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